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CURIOUS INDEX: 11/6/2007

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Tim Tebow's shoulder will be completely healed for the South Carolina game, according to, um...Tim Tebow.

"Tim's not the most honest guy when it deals with injuries," Meyer said Sunday. "He's going to be so defensive about it - I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine. He made the comment to me that this week he thinks it's as close to 100 percent as it's been because he did not get hit one time [on the shoulder against Vanderbilt]."

You can almost hear the smile in Urban's voice as he says that, because Urban loves pain. Has it on his paincakes in the morning. Doles out doleful lattes with extra shots of pain in them. MMMM sweet yummy pain.

The injury is to Tim's non-throwing shoulder, the shoulder used by the community of Gainesville as a combo philosopher's stone, community garden, and anvil for the town's booming amateur blacksmithing community. (You think finely crafted one-hitters come from the sky, amigo?)

It's so cute when Big Ten teams snipe at each other! It's a bit like watching middle schoolers get into fistfights, an appropriate metaphor given Mike Hart's height and the general air surrounding the Michigan/Michigan State tiff preceding and following the 28-24 Michigan victory this past Saturday.

In Hart short:

1. Mark Dantonio suggests a moment of silence for Michigan when they lose to App State earlier this year.

2. Michigan players hold a "moment of silence" at midfield following the game.

3. Mike Hart compares the game to fighting with "your little brother."

4. Mark Dantonio points out the fact that Mike Hart is very short.

"Does Hart have a little brother or is he the little brother?" Dantonio asked. "I don't know, he's ... that tall." Dantonio placed his hand to his chest to illustrate Hart's stature.

Note: he does not point out that countertop-reach-challenged Hart had 110 yards on MSU despite being injured. Steve Spurrier, however, is ready for a PR consult on properly salting the earth following a rivalry game when you are, Michiganders of all creeds. He charges 500 dollars an hour, but he's totally worth it.

Full summary at the Freep.

Mike Sherman could follow Charlie Weis and Bill Callahan as the latest bowling-pin-shaped NFL underachiever to join the ranks of college coaches if the ABC Houston affiliate is correct in saying he's a candidate for the Aggies head coaching job. Sherman's not quite the pure college guy: he coached the Aggies o-line in the 90s under R.C. Slocum (89-93, 95-96), which at least gives him a connection to the job. In contrast, we imagine Bill Callahan still hasn't unpacked the trailer, and is still living at an Extended Stay America.

Six players to be punished per the instructions of Penn State President Graham Spanier have not been disciplined yet by Joe Paterno. Go away, young man. JoePa's watching this new show Baywatch, and just can't stop. (HT: The Wiz.)

Evil Richt coached the game against Florida two weeks ago, and the rare-as-of-late victory against Florida must have gotten good to the Georgia coach. He's going black hat again, according to Fanblogs, who says that Georgia may be donning black jerseys for their Hatescapade game against Auburn. (Kyle, by the way, hates Auburn. Just to be clear.) You'll be able to tell if it's Evil Richt, btw, if he comes out with a Snidely Whiplash mustache and the entire team, bench, crowd, the band Pylon, and the entire town of Dacula rushes the field to celebrate the first TD.

Evil Richt: hairier, more festive.
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