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We'd hand out Thighsman awards to ten to fifteen players today: Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada, Chad Henne's one good knee, Percy Harvin, Jamaal Charles, Dennis Dixon, Beanie Wells. Yet if forced into a corner and held at gunpoint and made us pick one, we'd probably shit our pants with fright. And if you did that over football, you'd be very, very strange, or perhaps an Ohio State fan.

If one absolutely had to have our play of the day, it would be Ram Vela's spring-loaded vault over Armando Allen and subsequent sack of Evan Sharpley in Navy's victory over Notre Dame. For timing, it wins: a sack on fourth down to force overtime. For drama, it's peerless, with the Midshipman uncorking every last quark of athleticism in his being to pull the Roy Williams redux on a helpless Sharpley.

The quality's not great, but what it lacks in clarity the clip makes up for in enthusiasm. Sleep well, Middies. You get to sleep until 7 tomorrow morning in honor of your fine work.