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Real life's dealt us a mundanely busy hand today NOT involving some pre-weekend blogging. Life steals your jerseys sometime, but what do we do? We just borrow one, write our name on the back, and keep going like a real Hokie would.

(BTW, our refusal to waste a Saturday during grad school watching Chan Gailey coach football looks better and better after last night. Tech is a putrid offensive football team, and in the middle of the third quarter the stadium was half-empty and resembled less a division one football stadium and more a European soccer stadium after a riot.)

So accept this joint project between Joel and ourselves involving the most bitter matchup this weekend, the LSU/Alabama game between the team that made Saban the 4 million commodity he is and the team currently paying the price tag. He was working as a football coach in Michigan--that much is true. But even then he knew he'd find a much better place, either with or without you, LSU

If your Youtube is blocked, click here for the Flash version.

Fine, fine work by Joel as always. The Viewer's Guide should be up around lunch, so check in for Hannibal's guide to couching it with the precision of a team of commandos and making the most of the waning weeks of the season.