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...Earl Bennett, who should catch 20 passes for 3045 yards and 23 tds versus Florida's zombiefied secondary this week. Earl's website has a ticker in the lower right hand corner detailing the number of career catches he has--"215 and counting," according to the latest update.

That Bennett's been the unstoppable slant-eating YACbeast that he is while playing for Vandy means that someone, somewhere on an SEC recruiting team needs to be shot immediately and replaced with a film-watching ape. (No Ed Orgeron jokes, please.) Bennett's "off the field" film is set to the music from T-Pain's "Shawty," which means that he, too, can show you what a real dood like, and how to talk while you take pipe, ladies.*

*If that doesn't get you wet, ladies,'re human and have standards. It's the worst love song we've ever heard.