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Matt Ryan is a very excitable young man, as evidenced by post-winning-TD spewing live on television in the Virginia Tech game last week.

Craig James call really made the moment, though, uttered a few seconds earlier. "Oh, yeah, he's givin' it up."

Arizona State QB Rudy Carpenter did not throw passes in practice yesterday due to a sprained thumb. Carpenter injured the thumb on a strange botched play during ASU's game against Cal this past Saturday. Turning to hand off to the running back, Carpenter slammed into the back and jammed the thumb, bending over with pain the instant it happened. Erickson says that if Carpenter can't start against Oregon, sophomore Danny Sullivan will play.

USF not only has sprouted a successful football program and convinced the all-important singlet-wearing demographic of the hotness of USF football, they're running at a profit after a mere decade in existence.

You're just winning with Saban's players! Except for the ones who score points! If it was true last year, it's certainly not true this year. From The Advocate, which is a newspaper in Louisiana, and not the gay magazine. (NTTAWWT.)

LSU’s success this season is a statistical mixture. Of the 294 points the Tigers have scored, 240 came from players who signed or walked on with LSU after Saban left.

Meanwhile, there's not a single player on Alabama's roster who Nick Saban signed! Not one! Oh yeah, where's the real scandal now, huh? HUH?

Misery makes great quotes. Joe Ganz will start for the Nebraska Cornhuskers now that Sam Keller is out for the year with an injury, something he thinks is awesome! Uh, I mean...

Asked how it felt to get his first start, he was almost giddy.

"It's awesome," he said.

He quickly corrected himself.

"I mean, it's bittersweet because you don't want it to come through an injury," he said. "You don't want Sam to get hurt. But that's the way it happened. I can't control it. All I can do is be ready for my team and hopefully win these next three games."

Um..yeah. That's what I meant to say. Huskers wideout Nate Swift has an equally tone-deaf comment on the situation, showing that the athletics budget in media relations was definitely cut to make up for the skyrocketing paper budget needed to cover Callahan's massive playbook.

"Your team is kind of in a shambles, so with Joe going in there, the only way he can go is up, no matter what he does," receiver Nate Swift said Tuesday.

Oh, don't say that. That's when the football gods break out the quality lightning bolts, Nate. The ones with some stank on 'em. (HT: Dave)

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