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Swindle's Rule Number One: People never stop making the same mistakes and never learn. The latest example of this immutable, unchanging rule of existence? Found in U-Dub Dish this a.m., courtesy of Ty Willingham.

I mentioned this briefly the other day, but I want to say again that Coach Willingham never really seems to take blame on himself of his coaches when things go wrong...week in and week out, I continue to hear about missed assignments and guys playing out of position. Where does the buck stop? Seriously, who takes the blame for how bad things are right now?

That would not be Ty Willingham, who just responded to your question with a half-assed Taoist anecdote and pointed out a player by name. Willingham's got realistic expectations, though--in fact, he's confident enough to predict that Washington will go 5-7 the rest of the season, since that's what the University of Washington bio has filled in for 2007's tally already.

Florida State qb Xavier Lee has been suspended for two games due to violations of academic policy, a phrase which in plainer language could be called "benched for missing class." Lee was the starter earlier in the season following his winning performance versus Alabama, but lost the job following poor play in several games including the Seminoles' loss to Wake Forest on the road. If replacement Drew Weatherford is injured, Bowden plans to turn to "Peter Tom Willis or Marcus Outzen. They're both doing real good in practice."

John David Booty practiced with the first unit at USC on Monday, and will likely be the starter this weekend against the Beavers. Booty readies finger for struggle with Beavers. It had to be said.

Florida's defense is shot full of holes in more ways than one: the Gators will be down to three healthy defensive tackles for the game against Vandy, including two freshmen. Hey, Vandy's looking to get bowl eligible. is Florida. SOMETHING'S GOT TO GIVE!!!

They'll have to take me out of Auburn in a pine box. Tommy Tuberville addressed rumors of his leaving Auburn for an offer from Texas A&M:

Saturday, Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs told the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer that Tuberville and the school had made "a lifetime commitment" to each other. When asked about the comment Sunday, Tuberville appeared to agree — though he didn’t deny interest in other jobs.

"He pretty much got it right," Tuberville said of Jacobs. "When we signed a contract a few years ago, it was a commitment on both sides. That’s all I can tell you about it."

Why Tuberville would ever leave--especially after surviving Petrinogate and watching a University President get fired over it--is beyond rational understanding. However, this is the SEC, and rational thought is checked at the door along with many, many other pillars of Western thought.

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