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Charlsie wanted us to know how awesome her dad was--after all, Charlsie's dad is the one in this video clip below scoring a td against Florida in the 1969 version of the Cocktail Party, and that's something we'll never do. The video also charitably includes footage of Carlos Alvarez returning the favor for Florida, a nice bit of historical footage of the greatest pre-Spurrier wideout and still standing leader in receptions for a game (15), a season (88), and for a career (176) at Florida.

Yet, as if that weren't enough...the commercial contains not one, but two Coors Light commercials from 1983. Their motto at the time was "Turn it Loose!," apparently an exhortation to consume Coors Light until your system began rejecting it in explosive fashion. There's feathered hair, a mustachioed gay body builder, a jeep, a woman with gym shorts so short you can see lunch descending from her small's what the internet was made for: remembering the past, and then beating it to death with a mallet.

Beer after beer when you're running around...Coors Light! Your beer for drinking and driving without that pesky drowsiness!