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Frank Deford had a commentary on NPR this morning concerning the mythical national championship where he said this:

Boston College in the national championship? A New England college football team? That's a German perfume.

Well played, mustachioed, baseball-loving heretic. Sometimes the barbarians speak truth.

Rammstein: A Scent for Men. Propellant for the disturbing Teutonic Sex Machine in du.

The wildfires in San Diego have canceled San Diego State's game against BYU this weekend. Qualcomm Stadium's being used as a staging point for evacuation for local residents, and the Chargers have already begun to make arrangements to play elsewhere this weekend, as well.

Fortunately, the Aztecs do not play Minnesota this weekend. The fires and the Golden Gophers' abysmal defense--last in the nation and allowing 533.63 yards a game--would combine to form an unstoppable fiery tornado consuming most of the West Coast.

Dennis Franchione and the Aggies scored late to go up 36-14 against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Coach Fran went for the two point conversion. There's nothing else here, really, besides noting yet again that Dennis Franchione is the only coach yet to earn the title on this blog of Total Fucking Idiot, a title that must be mentioned whenever his name appears, and that he's the sort of Total Fucking Idiot who futzes around with things like rugby kicks, unnecessary two point conversions, and poorly timed special teams fakes.

Virginia Tech qb Tyrod Taylor, the "dynamic" freshman qb who took over for the shell-shocked Sean Glennon in the opener against LSU, is somewhere better than gimpy but less than full-strength, per the best efforts to read between the lines of injury reports put out by the university. He's been running underwater, which in addition to giving him time to work out without damaging any tender tissue, should also give him some spiritual and philosophical perspective on what it's like to run in Sean Glennon's body.

Frank Beamer gives an awesome quote, though, on putting Tyrod Taylor in the game against Boston College Thursday night:

"I don't think you put Tyrod out there gimpy," Beamer said. "I think this is going to be a violent game."

Violence. Ahh, sweet violence.

Transitive football herpes is spreading like wildfire, per Irish Envy. When your own patient is dead on the table this season, pathology seems like the natural distraction hobby, no?

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