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Stop already. You post pics someone has already posted on the internet for all to see, and suddenly people are like, "WAAAA!!! Let kids have fun," and "WAAAAAA!!! Those pictures aren't really public because they're on facebook," and "WAAAAAAA!!! I was drugged and tied up for those and you've just compromised my jury trial."

So call the WAAAAAAAAmbulance and take it to somewhere other than Swindle General, where our specialty is treating boredom, something Matthew Stafford never seems to suffer from in Athens, Georgia. Our crack spies bring us these pictures from Georgia's bye week, where Stafford and running back Knowshon Moreno spent the time supermanning ho's and decorating bellies with what appears to be "a frosting gun," according to our analysts.

It's good to see that Ozzy Osbourne is out there communing with the young people, staying limber and keeping up with the trends and whatnot.

In between starts, Matthew Stafford stays sharp by diagramming plays on women's bellies with cake frosting. Or performs psychic surgery on their innards with the help of his mentalist assistant, Dr. Knowshon Moreno of the Leyte Regional School of Spiritual Medicine and HVAC Repair.

The floor flooded with awesome, party participants were forced to escape to the countertops. Moreno, in case you can't see, has the finest badonkadonk in the room. And hey! This picture is sponsored by Jim Beam!