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Ole Miss's halftime had special spark this weekend thanks to a wondrous treat: daytime fireworks. Fireworks are awesome--the cheaper and more bootleg they are the better, and the phrase "Mississippi Fireworks" certainly reeks of both--but they lose some of their efficacy when deployed in broad daylight. Because you can't see them. Because it's 2 in the afternoon in Oxford, Mississippi.


It's really great, though, when the fireworks make things catch fire and not work.

A halftime fireworks display gone awry knocked out power to half of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on Saturday.

A series of loud booms from the fireworks was followed by a few unplanned loud booms on the north side of the stadium as fire briefly appeared from power lines. Then the main scoreboard in the north end zone and the east end readerboard went dark.

The game was not delayed and power was restored early in the fourth quarter.

Ole Miss officials may seem negligent for continuing despite the lack of a proper scoreboard, but consider this: with Ole Miss not scoring until the fourth quarter in a 44-8 defeat to the SEC's only other team without a conference win, there really wasn't much incentive to turn the power back on, was there?

At least Ed Orgeron got to go out there, cigarette in mouth and beer in hand, and light off the $55.95 Carnival Extravaganza multipack for the fans. He was probably trying to burn the place down to avoid playing the second half--they were down 21-0 at the half--but it was a nice cover for the failed attempt at arson.

(Massive HT: Ragin' Cajun Rebel.)