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Basketball coaches will be technical'd if they use expletives on the sideline, per a new initiative by the NCAA going into effect this season. One curse word is a warning and a technical foul; a second would lead to an ejection. We look for Bobby Knight to coach exactly three games this season for Texas Tech with the introduction of this rule. He will be substituted for in these games by football coach Mike Leach, who will lead the highest scoring offense in NCAA basketball in his absence.

We think this is bullshit, of course, but don't necessarily fear for the great sideline profanity artists of NCAA football. There's more people on the sidelines at a D-1 football game than at a Wu-Tang or Gogol Bordello concert, making such a rule completely unenforceable in practice. Plus there's a direct correlation between coaches who curse and quality, we think. Examples:

1. Pete Carroll's cross-field chat with Mike Bellotti.

2. Will "BOOM" Muschamp's "encouragement" of his defense against Arkansas.

3. Jim Boeheim, Syracuse basketball coach, emphasizes just how important Jerry McNamara is to Syracuse basketball.

4. And, of course, the greatest secondhand coaching profanity-laden tirade ever, Wesley Woodyard's imitation of Rich Brooks.