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Ohio State and Boston College are one and two, respectively, in the BCS standings. That's fun. Have a seat at this table: MAO! Ohio State has their first surrrrious challenge this week versus Penn State, and BC plays Virginia Tech this week at a huge matchup in Blacksburg. Exit light:

Chan Gailey's allegedly gone for what seems like the third year in a row, according to Dennis Dodd. Zombie coaches abound, but no one's had the rage longer without getting it from a flamethrower-wielding-soldier than Gailey. Believe it when the head rolls.

Arizona State's proof comes soon and in furious fashion: The undefeated Sun Devils face Cal, Oregon, USC, and Arizona in succession. Their most dramatic improvement: a 14th ranked defense backing up the established, oh-let's-just-go-silly-and-score-points Pac-10 offense. And hey! They've got Jack Elway and his enormous teeth on the way. What can go wrong, besides the inevitable departure of the ADD-stricken Erickson in a year or two?

Drew Weatherford slides back into the starting spot for FSU following Xavier Lee showing up lobotomized to the Miami game and committed four turnovers. For sale signs for coaching legends: they happen.

Meet the partners in our consumer whoring! Our partner in the ESPN Guide to Psycho Fan Behavior, Warren St. John, will be signing the Guide tonight at Davis-Kidd Bookstore in Nashville at 6 p.m. We know Ma Swindle will be there, so stop by and meet the family.

Oh: PURCHASE PURCHASE PURCHASE!!! Or be considered a running dog of subversive, splittist elements, comrade.

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