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Bruce Feldman solicited guest commentary on the upheaval in college football, and among the responders was one Luther Campbell, legendary advocate for men and their need for "some pussy." Campbell had some choice words for the BCS, but it will totally not may shock you to learn of their logical inconsistency.

"This is one more reason why we need a playoff. You have big teams playing big teams for BCS standings points, and then you get teams like USF and Cincinnati who only have to win two big games and now they're battling for No. 1. All they have to do is win out in their BS conference and then look at what you've got in your title game. That's some BCS BS."

The conference to which Luther Campbell is referring is the Big East. Miami, Campbell's team of choice, was a member of the Big East from 1991-2003. During that span, Miami looked suspiciously similar to the USF and Cincy teams he's describing, usually having to grade out against Florida State (rivalry game, OOC) and perhaps Virginia Tech in conference before romping through the remainder of the Big East on the way to national title contention--which they did twice in that stint in-conference.

Do not question the man's punditry, though, since he did at one time offer cash bounties to 'Canes defenders. Haven't seen Joe Schad do that, have you? Instead, we would just remind you that the man now coaches youth football, has more money than...well, who knows. He's probably got more cash on his person than we do right now, that's for sure. ($23.15, for your info.) And he would like to to go, go, go, and go. (It's a 2 Live Crew song. Don't click on it unless you want to hear bad words said repeatedly to a screaming beat.)

Perhaps that's what's missing from Miami Hurricanes' football: those glowing magical balls Luther Campbell can summon from swimming pools.