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Sports talk types in Dallas and Birmingham reporting that Dennis Franchione's buyout has been hammered out, and that Franchione will leave Texas A&M following the 2007 season for the low, low price of 8 to 10 million dollars American, or roughly the combined yearly salaries of 200ish Americans making the average national wage.

Aggie fans, if this is true: EXCELSIOR! Your team might watch tape and prepare instead of attending endless motivational seminars. The number one name on Aggie AD Bill Byrne's list according to ESPN's Chuck Cooperstein: Tommy Tuberville, who won't leave but who will chip a few more gold bricks out of Bobby Lowder's tower of football Mammon thanks to the overtures.

Other fun, truthy candidates:

--Terry Bowden (though we want him to go to Arkansas in a marriage made in hell)
--Gary Patterson
--Will Muschamp
--Bo Pelini
--Jimbo Fisher
--Paul Johnson
--Jerry Moore. Hot hot hot!