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Your doctor prescribes two tylenol, ice, and application of one starlet for that broken finger. John David Booty's prescription for the broken middle finger on his throwing hand on Saturday night was a tried and true one: shots. Booty was seen downing shots and hanging out with attractive ladiesat Leinart-approved club Les Deux following the loss to Stanford, which Brooks reminds us helpfully was the biggest upset ever in the history of college football since the introduction of points spreads.

Nuttin' like Arkansas football. Houston Nutt and the Razorbacks won their game on Saturday, but lost the battle for air supremacy when this banner flew over the stadium:

Actually, Florida is 0-2 in the SEC West, too. You don't see us flying any banners, now do you?

You do see us phoning in death threats, though. Not to the coaching staff, but to the towing company that claimed Tony Joiner's girlfriend's car, setting off the series of events leading to Joiner's arrest. How the owner of Watson's Towing discerned the hundreds of death threats he likely receives daily from the ones related to the Joiner case is a legitimate question; the only thing as despicable as towing companies in Gainesville are the students, who routinely park on top of newborns and puppies to save themselves a three minute walk to class.

Speaking of......there's a lot of positives to take from Saturday's game, according to someone who wasn't personally punched in the balls by Jacob Hester on Saturday night. Florida, despite only running 58 plays to LSU's 80, had 314 yards of offense and 19 first downs against the nation's best defense. LSU also got to run 80 plays and hold the ball for 12 minutes in the fourth quarter, which may have contributed a little to the nutpunching and whatnot.

Mike Gundy's rant lives on in the form of local car advertising. A fine performance here by a car dealer who, no, did not employ Sooner football players, in case you're wondering.

(HT: Matt.)

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