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He's a beast from the Big East. And when his kicker isn't missing potentially crucial field goals, he's bouncing to five dollar beats and pimping Matt Grothe's website in song.

MP3 File

The song is rapped and produced by none other than USF's kicker Delbert Alvarado, the same one who missed three field goals against Auburn. Alvarado made the song for, mentioned a demure seventeen times or so in the song (check the website!), and according to Grothe "It's a dang good song."

The word dang just isn't used enough as a modifier, dang it. As for the song, we must deliver some due credit to Alvarado, whose ten-cent street beats are pure Third Coast car-trunk-entrepreneur material--the song's not terrible, though being an ode to Matt Grothe it does get a bit repetitive. We'll know if it's done the job if you hear Scott Van Pelt or Neil Everett drop a "G to the R-O-T-H-E" reference on Sportscenter.

Massive HT: Holly for working the transistors and vacuum tube to make this happen.