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Michigan forfeits season. But then again, you already knew that. We're not talking about Appalachian State this time--Michigan may have to forfeit the wins against Penn State and Notre Dame after using Artis Chambers, a freshman safety, in games despite being ineligible per the Big Ten's rules. Michigan immediately reported this, both in hope of getting leniency for the oversight and in order to attempt the unprecedented: forfeiting their losses, too.

Xavier Lee, starter. Xavier Lee has gone from grumbling malcontent to starter in two weeks following Jimbo Fisher spreading out the formations in the 'Nole offense, putting Lee in instead of sad Drew Weatherford, and seeing what happens. His performance against the Crimson Tide merited promotion to starter, which is precisely what he'll be against NC State this week. We are now taking odds as to whether Lee is really just Adrian McPherson with dreadlocks and six months in a gambling rehab program. We're offering 4-1 behind the Quik Trip on Rockbridge Road, baby. Hit us on the cell.

Urban Meyer on losing: "It sucks." This is why he recruits so well. Actually, in text form it reads "Thz sux. u wannna ply crnrbak? Come ON!"

We're unsure whether this is funny or not... But it certainly took a lot of effort. and effort's important, right? As long as you're trying, that's what matters. Plus we can't stop watching the animated Jack Hanna stroking his duck repetitively. Perhaps this says more about us than we really care to know.

Police say that the shooting of Taylor Bradford, Memphis football player, was a targeted act. There's a maelstrom of outrageous rumors surrounding this case right now. This being something that happened in Memphis, we believe all of them.
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