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Join us today for EDSBS Live, where we'll be joining you from the back of a van constantly moving through undisclosed locations to escape the wrath of the Orgeron, whose Ole Miss Rebels nearly continued the Mississippi curse on Florida in a 30-24 game that had us sweating pungent, oily fearsweat.

Fortunately, the wireless is working, and we're eating nothing and crossing rivers whenever we can to throw off the scent trail. (There's nothing we can do about the infrared, though.) Our only real hope is that a blue chip recruit comes between us and him along the way.

Guests tonight on EDSBS Live, 7 p.m. EST to 9 p.m. EST: Sunday Morning Quarterback and whoever we can get to talk about the epic Georgia/Alabama game. Click here to listen, or just hit the play button on the player in the sidebar over there on the right.

And now, Kerwin Bell hitting himself in the balls with a football.

We'll talk to you tonight.