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Solon, our gambling columnist for the past two years, has retired. He walked away when the dealing was done...just as a gambler should.

The semi-retirement of EDSBS gambling columnist has us recruiting new talent. And when we say talent, we mean it: we're looking for a degenerate gambler with a bloodlust for even the paltriest of bets. We're looking for the following:

--Can type quickly.
--Knows college football
--"Knows" betting
--Knows what it's like to lose possessions to creditors as a result of "knowing" betting
--Has a sense of humor, broad reference base, eclectic tastes, and ability to make point in two paragraphs or less.
--Is not currently incarcerated.
--Will likely not be incarcerated or at least sentenced until the end of bowl season.

If this sounds like you, email us at harumphharumph of the yahoo variety. We offer nothing but bunda pictures we pulled for free off the internet as compensation for a weekly column of picks for the week. We give you 3-1 you can't resist the call of uncompensated work.