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The Curious Index will be along in a minute. However, rent's due, and someone's check most definitely did not bounce. Holly, valiant Vol fan and sports bloggette from Ladies... and Snarkastic made a bet with us: if Florida won their matchup against Tennessee, then she would have to write a certain phrase on her boobs for our perusal and the rest of the universe's, as well. If Florida lost to Tennessee, we would have had to sing Rocky Top and record it for posterity's sake.

(This may sound lopsided. However, we hate Rocky Top like nothing else. Seriously. We might rather voluntarily dive into an Olympic pool filled with sulfuric acid than sing the song.)

This happened on Saturday, among other events:


...meaning Holly had to pay up. And being the honorable, courageous fan she is, she paid up. Given that Tennessee has given up over 40 points to two opponents already this season, she'll need all the courage she can muster. And a shirt, evidently

Click the jump to see the fine artwork of victory drawn onto her rack. Salut! to Holly.