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An LSU fan creates his own mini-Death Valley. Meaning you need a field, right? Check. And a logo? Done, mon frere. Oh, and tailgating? Easy enough. And your own goddamn Bengal Tiger? Hard to come by, but if you have a housecat, an RC car, and a bit of alcohol-fueled ingenuity, still won't have a tiger, but you can ensure that if your wife is going to emasculate you by insisting on having a cat, you may have your revenge by putting it in a cage and blaring the LSU fight song at it.

LSU fans are fucking nuts: that's the point here. Completely crackers. Apeshit, bongo-boing cuckoopuffs bonkers. And like a Lou Holtz pep talk...we remain oddly inspired by them despite the clear insanity on display here. And that's not "haha, how droll!" insanity. No, we're talking the kind of dementia that used to pass as Sunday entertainment for Londoners at Bedlam. (HT: RCR.)