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We've never seen someone killed all the way. Killed halfway? Yes, in the form of a guy we saw hit by a scooter on a Taiwanese street so hard his shoes flew off in both directions. Killed around the 75% mark? Yup, in the sight of a guy in Thailand who fell off of a moving motorcycle and smacked his unhelmeted skull on the pavement and lay motionless for a full twenty minutes before ultimately walking away from the crash.

Killed about 95% of the way? Oh, yes, yes. There was something about it that troubled us. What was that, says General Allenby? Answer: we liked it.

For an instant, no one knew whether to cheer or call a mortician; it remains the second worst hit we've ever seen, and the worst we've ever seen in person due to the sickening noise of impact, audible from our seats at field level in the North Endzone. Afterwards, Kent's whole face swelled up as if he'd been stung by a hog-sized bumblebee, and he reportedly had difficulty breathing. Video almost doesn't do it justice...almost. (HT: Thomas.)