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On the day when his chief sponsor, Frank Broyles, stepped down as the Athletic Director at Arkansas, our thoughts naturally turn to Houston Nutt, just as they do whenever we text message our mistress or run the ball 30 times in a row in NCAA 2008.

The third week of the season usually takes our football infection from drastic to epidemic level, what with Tennessee/Florida, USC/Nebraska, ND/UM in the repuS Bowl, and a treasure trove of other games going on this weekend. This slew of quality includes the most curious Arkansas/Alabama game, where new-look Bama goes up against Humanity Advanced (Darren McFadden), Felix Jones, and the handoff artist they call a quarterback.

It being the first real semi-national peek at Arkansas, questions abound. Will Bama's defense hold as the Hogs undoubtedly run right at them upwards of fifty times in the game? Will the WildHog (neé le Wildcat) run havoc on a fledgling Saban defense? Will Major Applewhite's new offense prosper in their first game against heavy-gauge SEC competition?

And most importantly...what the hell is Nutt saying in this photo ?

Be healed!
Five times! We're only passing five times.
All the ladies over here say HOOOOOOOOAAAAHHHH
Guns will make us powerful; butter will only make us fat!!!

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