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We must all learn from the example of the Oregon mascot, and that example is that when someone else wants to playfight, you need to put the -fight into the word with a capital WHAM, MOTHERFUCKER!

The only other possible explanation is that the mascoteer was high on PCP, believed they were really a duck, and that Shasta the Cougar really was a cougar. This would make total sense because Cougars would eat Ducks, and in case you didn't know, ducks are mean as hell especially when threatened.

Though shame on Shasta for not putting up more of a fight. Houston brought us the Geto Boys and UGK, dammit--Bun B simply won't stand for it. (Perhaps Shasta would have been tougher with a Paul Wall grill installed in this toothy grin.) Someone's got to rep the 281, which is why the Duck will likely be shot sometime in the next month by someone zanked on purple drank in a Lincoln Navigator.

(HT: Larry Brown Sports, who points out that the Duck has been suspended.)