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This? Slightly liberal.

Marques Slocum laughs at how meek your Facebook entry is, Arian Foster. First, you describe yourself as "into women" and "very liberal." This makes sense as you're from California, though you could be referring to your willingness to take two, three, or even four to bed at a time if necessary, or maybe your dong bends way to the left, which is cool because some chicks like their torpedoes twisted, dude. If that's how we're determining politics, we're a Clinton Blair type ourselves--slightly to the left when we're, um...standing at the podium.

We are impressed with the reading list, though, and the group listing--we're sending a join request to "TENNESSEE SHOULD HAVE NEVER LET BRENT SCHAEFFER GO." (So are most Ole Miss fans and Ed Orgeron after watching what they saw last year.) He's also lists himself as his own employer and The Lion King as his favorite movie.

Click below to see the profile. Again, he's no Marques Slocum, but his profile is cool enough to makes us want to hang out with him--especially if we get to roll with the "Gibbs Hall N****z."