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Image credit: Liz Hunter, the Clemson Tiger.

Hug that man. We're not gonna do it, but still... Bobby Bowden says he's never seen the Seminoles play worse, meaning he really hasn't been paying attention: the Wake Forest game last year was far more awesome. Did we say awesome? We meant to say astonishingly incompetent. Which is awesome.

Jimbo Fisher described the Florida State offense as "unorganized chaos." Anyone who expected to see a 40 point-dropping Wehrmacht from day one was delusional in principle: teams take time to congeal properly on both sides of the ball. However, given the "rat-trapping" and other crapulent play by a very young FSU offense, just flat-out delusional (no principles attached) may also be considered a proper description.

What, you can't eat eagle? Deuteronomy is weird. Rocky Top Talk proves once again that we weren't paying a skint of attention in CCD by informing us that even if we were going to play Southern Mississippi this year, the Bible forbids eating eagle (and bat--what, no bat? Heathenism has its advantages, dear reader. And if you're not going to finish your bat, we'll eat it...)

Fortunately the Gators will be stuffing the Trojans this Saturday. Pretty much what we imagine young college -age athletes doing every Saturday night anyway, actually. Again, thanks to Michigan for making sure other megaprograms are properly scared shitless and violent come Saturday.

His handlebar mustache most disrespects you. Pat Hill, talking shit from the WAC.

"Whenever you get speed against a Big Ten team," Hill said, "you’ve got a chance to win."

It is also fair to say that whenever you get a Pat Hill-coached team in the 21st century WAC, you stand exactly zero chance of winning the WAC.

No, Saban's eyes really are glowing. Via RTR: please visit Gump4Heisman's SEC Far Sides, if only for this one.

Do your dance, bald fat man. A Memphis Tiger fan's prognosticating skills may stink, but feel the contagion of his joy with the little dance at the end. Coach Ed Orgeron later tracked this man down after the game, had him smoked and candied, and will feed on him at his leisure throughout the 2007 season.

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