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Georgia Tech quarterback Taylor Bennett has no illusions about his potential as an NFL starter. In fact, he's preparing for life post-football already.

"I’d like to do something for the Department of Homeland Security, or maybe CIA," Bennett said. "I don’t want to be like a secret undercover spy who goes around shooting people. But I’d like to be involved in operations abroad. The whole idea of clandestine services sounds interesting."

Being a Georgia Tech quarterback in the Chan Gailey era actually seems to be superb prep work for being in the CIA: no one's really sure of what you're trying to do; you're often unprotected and at constant risk of exposure; and when you make mistakes, they tend to be high-profile ones in extremely high-stakes environments. Sounds like the agency that brought you the Bay of Pigs and ruined the phrase "slam-dunk" to us.

If caught, we will deny your existence, agent.

Gailey, meanwhile, is getting damn near Charlie Weis-esque in creating drama where none exists by refusing to confirm whether freshman Josh Nesbitt will play against Notre Dame. Gailey gets passionate about one play and one play only: the quarterback draw, which is a bit like having a deep and unabiding passion for mayonnaise sandwiches. We'd bet our right kidney on Nesbitt, a talented runner, getting at least a few snaps to satisfy Gailey's lust for the play and catch a ride on the Tebowleak/senior passer, freshman running qb duo-fad sweeping the nation.