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Yes, there's Michigan players finally being charged for "stomping on the victim's head while wearing heavy boots during the fray," a case which earns Michigan five more points to put them at a respectable 15 points total for the campaign for the Fulmer Cup. (Breakdown: Felony assault=3, two cases of misdemeanor assault, one point each.)

But the major breaking story today is the news out of State College, PA: two Penn State football players, Andrew Quarless and Willie Harriott, were caught drinking on campus and cited for underage consumption, piddly charges with the combined significance of a field goal. Field goals don't count for much in the first quarter, but they'll snap backs in the fourth quarter, which is precisely where we're at in the competition right now. The two one-point offenses combine to put Penn State--BRAAAAAAAINS!!!--into a one point lead over the Illini for the 2007 Fulmer Cup, 25-24.

Again: a [NAME REDACTED] team has blown a fourth quarter lead in spectacular fashion. We're speechless. (HT: Run Up The Score.)

Defeat. It has a thousand forms. This is one.