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General Neyland says that's one sexy offense you've got, there.

Friend of the blog Wes Wolfe bring us the story of the actual single wing renaissance in Virginia. We were only slightly joking when we said that West Virginia and Florida, on about 20 percent of their snaps, run the single wing. Louisa County High School, on the other hand, ain't joking: they went to the state championship last year running an unadulterated version of the single wing straight from General Neyland's playbook.

If you want to read the whole article, Wolfe's paper, the Central Virginian, is undergoing a bit of a web overhaul at the moment, so we've got the article in picture form below. Warning: the pics are huge, and will look clunky. Excuse the mess, but when it comes to our passion single wing, we're willing to put it in whether it fits or not.

We predict three comments pass until someone writes "Me, too, Orson. Oh, we're talking about site formatting here, right? Because I was talking about my dick."