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Still sick from being forced to drink all that chocolate milk before running wind sprints? My that was some colorful ejecta. Rest and recuperate with the healing powers of...

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What: EDSBS Live! online radio, presenting Media edition. The meta-meta-meta edition of EDSBS Live has us discussing the watchers who watch, the media. Corso references over/under: 27 for the whole 90 minutes.

When: 7:30 Eastern, 4:30 Awesome Standard Time.

Where: At NowLive, where you can chat with each other and the show hosts throughout the broadcast in the online forum. Or just call (310) 984-7600. First-time callers are prioritized, because we love us some virgins. (It may hurt! But you want it so bad, don't you?)

Who: Tim Griffin of the San Antonio News-Express and

How excited are we? Hyper. But are we hyper enough?

Our four questions for the show:

1. Your favorite sportswriter--Burger King division. (Big media) Our favorites are mostly dead or blogging, a distinction a mainstream reader might not really feel the need to make. (AUTO-ZING!) Our favorite mainstreamer is most likely Hubert Mizell, retired St. Pete Times columnist and contributor to the Gainesville Sun in his old age. Cagey codger who writes short, digestible columns that aren't somehow dumbed down by the format.

2. Your favorite broadcaster A rehashed question, for sure. Living? Larry Munson. Dead? Jack Fleming, the boffo, gravelly-voiced play-by-play man for West Virginia football. Anyone who cast the opposition as "invaders" in a martial baritone wins our soul, even from beyond the grave.

3. Something about a simple change in Big Media coverage you'd like to see made that would make an enormous improvement in the way we digest CFB.

Nationalize the coverage a bit more. This is a regional complaint, since in SEC coverage we're more omnivorous than our media service providers realize. It's not that we're just sluts for SEC football. We're sluts for football in general. And maybe just, you know...sluts period. Whatever. Give us more from around the country, especially in print coverage.

4. Sexiest blogger. A contradiction in terms? We think not. Though we've never seen her face, we give this to The Starter Wife, if only because she makes pizza roll. And pizza roll will get you very, very far in this life.

Hear you tonight.