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It's inconceivable that you would root for a college football team for a university you didn't attend, but still, it happens. And if you do happen to root for a team you have little to no connection to--like our textbook example, Clay Travis of CBS Sportsline--then hell, we can't piss on that with too much bladder power. It's college football. Who wouldn't want in on a sport where animal totem worship is still openly championed in the year 2007?

But remember: you're still a daywalker.

Daywalker, n. [DEY-waw-ker]. A fan of a college football team who never attended the primary college they root for in real life.

Ex: Clay Travis, though he attended George Washington University and Vanderbilt Law School, is a daywalker who roots for the University of Tennessee. .

We'll prebut Clay here and just let you know that he thinks Florida girls have fat arms. Despite being a daywalker, he's written a giggle-inducing book about a season on the road in the SEC, Dixieland Delight. Which goes to show that the distinction is, while amusing, mostly academic. Except when it comes to parking spaces on gameday, you bastards.