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A respectable 20 rank in the Coaches' Poll! A buzz-generating sighting of the Wildcat formation in fall practice, a formation that new offensive coordinator David Lee says he's even expanded in his playbook! People forgetting the turmoil of the offseason until...until you get the sudden departure of offensive Colin Tucker from the team, a minor hiccup in the depth chart that should slide away from the reader somewhere around the bottom of the page.

Unless Tucker Sr. goes on a Rivals site and either drops a neutron bomb on anything and everything associated with the coaching staff--now that's got itself some walkin' legs, now.

We've been told by non-green-fairy/pink elephant sources that the sourcing on the post is solid. It's Pa Tucker, most likely. Whether a single word of anything said by "Mr. Tucker" in the post is veracity is doubtful--we wouldn't believe weather reports from Fayetteville if the name Houston Nutt is associated with it from either the pro- or the con- side of the debate.

But here's the post, removed from Rivals and copied from another Arkansas message board. In case you were jonesing for that midday enema of unadulterated crazy...well, bend over. Here it comes.

My son Colin Tucker turned in his equipment after 18 months of abuse from the Razorback coaching staff. I would rather tell a very loyal fan base first before a small DMG paragraph states he left the team for unknown reasons. I was a fan and very proud that he signed with the Hogs out of Pierce High School in 2005. I and 33 members of my family have graduated from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. We love the school more than many Arkansans. I have read many of the Razors Edge comments and find some truth in the knowledge regarding the program and a majority of insights completely missing the mark. I know many fans will say I am a disgruntled parent. That is their right. Each person has an opinion.

While my son was trying to have a personal meeting to discuss his leaving the team and why, Coach Nutt he took three cellphone calls. That is all he could do to pay attention to someone that was making a very hard choice and asking for a small portion of his time. When I spoke to Coach Nutt by cellphone he couldn’t even stop reading his fan mail to give me his full attention when my son was in the room. Colin said he cared less about my conversation. Mike Markuson didn’t have the courtesy to even return my call last night but called my son and was put out. I called him directly to discuss his opinion of Colin. Markuson gave Colin very little in the way of thanks for his efforts. What a man of God he claims to be.

I know that steriods exist in the program and my son was not ever going to go in the direction. He was black balled by the strength coach and his graduate staff as not meeting the strength requirements to play in the SEC because he couldn’t bech press 450 lbs and sqaut 600lbs. Mike Markuson told him today in a personal meeting he didin’t have what it takes physically to play in the SEC - 6′5″ 295lbs. He wiped Earnest Mitchell so bad last year in spring practice Earnest started a fight with him and was kicked out of practice. The strongest guy on the team was getting beaten by the weakest linemen.

The medical staff abused his broken foot i.e. Dean Weber. They told him the foot wasn’t broken. An xray technician at the school was the Razorback expert. They claimed he had gout and when I sent him to the Washington County hospital emergency room the doctor clearly stated it was a broken foot. Dean Weber chewed him out for seeking outside medical attention and told him "this was indicative of his career". That is why our players aren’t helped when they are injured. Dean Weber is a dumb ass.

Folks get ready for much more to come from me. I love the Razorbacks and the U of A but our players deserve better coaching and people that want to develope them into better men and graduates that have degrees. By the way my son has made All SEC Academic every semester he has been at the University and will graduate in three years. I am more proud of that than him wearing the Hog uniform.

Colin recommended to Coach Nutt to give his schlorship to Mike Moffit because the walk on deserved to be rewarded. Colin is not bitter he has a big heart and has class. He will do well in life. The Razorback program did nothing to make him a better person. He had that before he arrived on campus. The players deserve better from the men that dominate their lifes for 4 years while playing ball. Go ask Zac Tubbs or Steve Parker some of Colin’s best friends last year what they got from the program after the stadium lights turned off - not much and very little positives regarding the program.

He wishes the best to his former teammates.

SEC football! It's stabyouinthefacetastic!