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What you can do while KSU's Josh Freeman offers to eat your dinner for you...

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What: EDSBS Live! online radio, presenting the Fall Practice edition. Hydrate. Stretch. Prepare for the fall and work off that Velveeta belt you're carrying around with our own 90 minute fall practice. Bring our own bucket.

When: 7:30 Eastern, 4:30 Pacific.

Where: At NowLive, where you can chat with each other and the show hosts throughout the broadcast in the online forum. Or just call (310) 984-7600, since we're taking any and all callers tonight.

Who: You! A fancy way of saying that we have no guests and are going to crank through all the callers we can possibly get to tonight. The People's Show! Si se puede!

How excited are we? We're excited like a lover's voice cross the mountainside, man.

Our four questions for the show:

1. What's your fall question marks for your team? For Florida, we have a baby at one corner and a converted running back at another. Fortunately, our first major test involves facing a team with no wide receivers, thus continuing the pattern in the Florida/Tennessee matchup that whatever one team lacks, the other will be unable to take severe advantage of in the game because they lack the tools to take advantage.

2. Who is the player your team CANNOT lose this fall? Tim Tebow. The rest of the roster behind him has exactly zero games of experience. As green as our jolly giant is, the rest of the roster are greener still.

3. Your preseason shopping list?

a. Plane ticket to Baton Rouge.
b. One case Zybrowka vodka
c. New laptop
d. Last minute transfer cornerback from Mountain West.
e. New jorts, of course.

4. What's something that gets you almost as excited as football? Oh, the answers we'll get here. For our money, it's videos of people injuring themselves on different forms of transportation.

See you tonight.