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The engineers who have replaced the engineers who replaced the engineers have been sacked, and replaced with yet another squad of engineers. We've had a bit of a hiccup here in the servers, and we suspect it's due to traffic--this past month, the offseason mind you, has been the biggest in EDSBS history, and it's straining our RAM like Darren McFadden charging through a helpless linebacking corps.

There's been...traffic.

So we bought a bit more RAM from the helpful folks at GoDaddy. They'll be putting it in between 4:00 a.m and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, a great time for sticking new things into holes stretched to their limit.

In the meantime, if the site refuses to load, just click refresh a few times and it should pop up. It also means light posting for the remainder of the day, so we'll mention these before we go.

--SMQ sums up [NAME REDACTED]'s quote that Joe Paterno "has forgotten more football than most of us know" beautifully.

Emphasis mine, because, gosh, there are so many layers of nerve-bearing truth in that statement, so much more brutal honesty than Zook could have possibly intended...the mind, it boggles...

--In other Big Ten media news, the preview of the Big Ten Network's content was "disastrous" according to a source of ours of reasonable credibility. Whenever they're ready to get some real programming and put EDSBS Live: The Television Show on, we're ready.

--And at Indiana, quarterback Blake Powers threw a water balloon at bystander. And true to script...we allow the deathless prose of the Indiana Daily Student to tell the rest of the story:

Once the vehicle stopped, Wampler got out of his car and approached the Jeep and heard one of the males say, "It’s a cop," Minger said.

IUPD Officer Garth Van Leeuwen, who had also just finished the same 3 to 11 p.m. shift, saw Wampler turn his vehicle around. He followed Wampler, in another personal, unmarked vehicle.

When Van Leeuwen arrived at the scene, he and Wampler advised all four men to step out of the vehicle. Van Leeuwen then told the men they hit Wampler with the water balloon. The men apologized to Van Leeuwen maintaining that they did not realize they were throwing the water balloon at a police officer, Minger said.

You never do realize it's a cop, do you? Until they've caught you there, naked, smoking meth, doing unspeakable things for money. Oh, and then they come in, all high and mighty. Well, fuck them in the ear. Like they haven't ever earned the rent as a private dancer for an Arab sheikh with a penchant for schlubby white guys? Assholes.

--The mustache will be up later. Other than that, we'll see you tomorrow.