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Again, you are not free. Free men do what they like any time they want and say anything they please. Free men do the weather on their local station with zero prep time if they please. Free men pass deep with 20 seconds left on the clock. Free men do radio interviews while going through restaurant drive-ins. Free men act and live like Mike Leach.

From Big 12 Media days, discussing Lubbock and the game day environment there:

"It’s very savage to play in Lubbock," Leach said. "I would recommend that everybody try to avoid it. There have been scalpings and there have been some people that quite just haven’t returned.

"There are some people, unfortunately, based on the way the conference goes, that are going to have to come to our place. Sadly, I can’t guarantee their safety or that things will necessarily go the way that they like."

You think he's joking. Mike Leach never jokes, my friend: Texas Tech fans have already countered potential bad behavior with a preseason proposal to behave better at games, a manifesto concluding with an all-persuasive argument:

The differences we share both socially and economically are brought together by our love and passion for Texas Tech and our beloved Red Raiders.

For all these reasons, we encourage and support Texas Tech in its latest effort to create an atmosphere of Raider Power that fosters competition motivated by mutual honor, respect, pride and tradition.

We're not trailer park trash, and it's time to stop acting like we are.

Settle down, poor people! Love, university graduates of Texas Tech. We never knew of any great problems at Raider games, save several members of the band going hypoxic and passing out due to playing the fight song after scores in a five minute span. We do know that they can be very, very loud, even alone.

HT: Peter. Yes, we know this was up yesterday. But we needed that photoshop, dammit, courtesy of Brian at HRB.