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...SERIOUSLY. Luther Campbell is welcome back at Miami. (HT: Deadspin, as if Will needed it.), fuck that. I'm speechless. Nay--teary. We love Luther Campbell, and he's reached the end of a long, torturous hejira back to the 'Canes, the team he loves and unfortunately used to pay from time to time for good play. For the man who popped into a Miami club on My Hood on MTV, grabbed the mike, and used this phrase as his intro...

"All the ladies got good pussy need to scream right now!!! back in the fold. Everybody drop it to the floor where you stand right now in honor of the world spinning correctly on its right axis again. Why ESPN is going to be in Blacksburg on opening day and not in Miami for Uncle Luke's triumphant return to the tune of "Doo Doo Brown"...well, that's just one more reason why ESPN's circling the bowl, isn't it?

Quoth the bard: "Them titties? Scarred, Scarred, Scarred."