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SEC MEDIA DAYS: HIGHLIGHTS deserves Pritzker Prize nomination for the monument they're building to SEC Media days, blogging and flogging the shit out of the proceedings with a pretty manic pace for journos, what with all the "fact checking" and "not using profanity" they have to do over there.

A few of the highlights, since it is OBC's day to crow over there. (BTW: the best part about Spurrier coaching South Carolina is the opportunity to anthropomorphize him as a rooster, an animal Spurrier's always kind of resembled, actually.)

Y'all listen up! Spurrier speaks. Click-clack.

Spurrier: "I thought we had done something when we beat Clemson," Spurrier said. "But then Kentucky beat them in the bowl game."

Houston Nutt: "I'm a former quarterback who loves to throw, but you have to do what your players do best," Nutt said. "If you came to practice, you'd say 'hmmm, No. 5, you'd better give him the ball. You do what is best with your players to give you the best chance to win."

Note: Houston Nutt's offenses have been at the bottom of passing rankings in the SEC for the past two years and over the past five have averaged a finish of 93rd overall in the NCAA's statistical rankings of offenses. He likes to "pass," if by "pass" you mean "running."

Spurrier, obviously buoyed by our ranking of SCar at #6: ""This year the goal is to win the SEC Championship."

Tuberville, whose team just reported three secondary violations to the NCAA, spoke today, as well as Rich Brooks of Kentucky, who kicked your cat on the way into the conference. We'll have quotes to follow, especially from Tuberville, who as the poor man's Spurrier should have some slightly less witty comments with slightly duller zingers built in for conference rivals.