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What: EDSBS Live! online radio, presenting the Underdog Edition.

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When: 7:30 Eastern, 4:30 for all you angels on the West Coast.

Where: At NowLive, where you can chat with each other and the show hosts throughout the broadcast in the online forum, where underdogs from around the world flock to nip and bark at will. To phone in to the show, just call (310) 984-7600.

Who: Travis McGriff, 5'8" of Gator wide receiver greatness and current spokesperson for the All-American Football League.

How excited are we? Underdog excited.

Our four questions for the show:

1. Adopt an underdog for the 2007 season. Team or player - you decide.

Willie Tuitama. He's an oft-pummeled quarterback with a first-rank college name who'll be running the relief worker offense of Mike Leach (surrounded by grasping hands, flinging things as fast as possible in a crowd) at Arizona, where former Red Raider Sonny Dykes will attempt to show the Pac-10 what a truly unbalanced passing game looks like. Tuitama got sacked 21 times last year despite being pretty mobile (or perhaps because of it?) and many were clearly Hit Stick shots.

2. Which underdog are you most looking forward to seeing fall flat on their face?

An allegedly resurgent Florida State, of course.

3. Name your favorite underdog football player of all time.

Contradictorily...Warrick Dunn. We have actually teared up telling people about the trials this one very tiny man has endured in life while still managing to come out as an abnormally decent and kind man. The only Seminole we'd ever chop for comes up to our eyebrows, heightwise. He plays in the NFL, and has for over ten years now. A phenomenal human being.

4. Tell us about your biggest sexual upset.

We banged Mary Matalin at the 1988 Republican convention. Hard. Oh, you mean overcoming long odds, not "being really upset afterwards." In that case, how about remaining married for nine years? That's as big an upset of the odds as anyone can claim.