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The big board for this week, looking much the same as it did last week due to a spurt of good behavior or poor enforcement by the university police of this nation.

Notes, apologies, and addenda follow.

Boise State makes the big board per Tomek's tip on the odd DUI arrest of John Helmandollar, Boise State running back who was picked up by Boise PD for driving under the influence of "something other than alcohol" at 11 a.m. Friday morning. Even odds on the substance, posted by EDSBS Wagers Ltd:

--Weed 2:1
--Meth 3:1
--Masturbated self into spunk-drunk stupor 4:1
--GHB 8:1
--Cocaine 12:1
--The people's choice, Purple Drank 14:1
--MDMA 15:1
--LSD 18:1
--Nutmeg 35:1
--High on Jesus 50:1
--Under the intoxicating influence of intoxicating T-Payne ballad 75:1
--Delusional from all night reading session with bootleg Harry Potter 500:1
--Quaaludes 600:1 (He found the last one!)

Boise gets two Fulmer Cup points for DUI without using any trick plays at all.

Michigan will need some adjustment since the marijuana charges against one of its players have been dropped completely.