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EDSBS TOP 25: 10-12

We continue the long slog through the EDSBS top 25. The fascinating section involving "merely excellent" teams gets note now.

Joining us as special guest editor will be Harry Potter Spoiler Guy. If you think any of the spoilers are real and you're very concerned about this, well...keep reading dorkboy/girl.

10. Georgia Georgia's initial cheat sheet begins and ends with the fascination cloud surrounding Matthew Stafford, their burly, keg-lifting, baby-Sex-Cannon-in-the-making.
Stafford has an arm like something out of the bible. We're betting he could throw beautiful pigskin bullets through the walls of Jericho, and that given his propensity for the deep ball, he would instead prefer to lob long balls to the top of Mount Nebo effortlessly.

Matthew Stafford: a qb of Biblical proportions, seen here toting a container full of "proof God loves us and wants us to be happy."

The baby Rex Grossman aspect may obscure the superb job Richt did in handling Stafford last year. Richt, a conservative play-caller in his old(er) age, binged on the run to the tune of 426 rushes to 342 passes last year, setting up many of these off play-action, something the BSC thrived on to the tune of a 13/7 TD/INT ratio.

Umm...correction. Richt did do a superb job of handling Stafford last year, but reverse that ratio: 7 TDs, 13 INTs, including 3 each in the Kentucky, Miss State, and South Carolina games. A freshman doing this while throwing deep is "exciteable like a puppy!" A sophomore doing this is "zone defense dyslexic." Thanks, Jonathan.

Still, Stafford was relatively productive. He did this, too, thanks to the magic of the UGA offense, one that's managed to hum along nicely for years despite a failure to develop some of the tantalizing wide receiver talent that drops into the Athens recruiting chute.

Stafford's leash won't be as short this year--fuck it, he's going deep, and most of the time with coach's permission--so they should be more of a menace offensively, especially with the exquisitely named Knowshon Moreno and bionic recruit Caleb King joining the backfield.