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The Orange Bowl's been rotting at the seams for years, so much so that a leak in the roof caused a short circuit in 1991 that then caused a small fire in the broadcast booth during the Miami/Nebraska Orange Bowl.

The NBC team had to switch to the Japanese feed, which luckily was not turned to teacher/student bondage porn at the time. You can hear the Japanese announcers for a second:

"And the smells-like-butter rapist gives the ball to smells-like-butter rapist number two...Miami, Japanese listeners, is full of cocaine! Cheap and affordable cocaine! I have consumed piles of it in between using my crazily overvalued yen to pay for fat-buttocked prostitutes! Invest now!"

Then Gayle Gardner and Paul Maguire gamely attempt to keep up with the grainy footage from the studio, with Gayle asking if Paul could help out with translating the Japanese. The only shame is that Dick Enberg is not shown running from the booth in flames, since we agree with Quentin Tarentino that every film needs a man on fire running through the background of at least one shot. Director's commentary tracks for Kill Bill represent! That's something a Miami crowd would definitely clap like mad trained seals for, dear reader.