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We spent the weekend at Cuddles' wedding reception in Tennessee, and are nursing the kind of hangoverish fatigue one can only get in a blackjackaquilabeerfestive kind of event. However, new visitors to the site never fail to give us the kick of ONE HUNDRED CUPS OF COFFEE. In particular. we'd like to thank gentleman and scholar "EveryDayShouldBeSuckMyDick," who wrote this underneath the Sports Junkies/Hayley Lafontaine piece:

kill yourselves. nice work writing "lay-up goals" like those are a thing. go do something useful like i’m doing right now leaving a comment on EDSBS? We actually agree here: few things are more useful than leaving a comment on EDSBS. Unfortunately, per EDSBSMD, we have to go put our head in a gas oven for a few minutes now. If it's like the last time we tried it, the lingering aroma of frozen pizza leavin's stuck to the sides of the oven will convince us life really, truly is worth living again.

However, please accept as apology the amazing Eastside Catholic High School video, which has more explosions than five minutes of an old Creed concert. (HT: The Sporting Orange.) If you don't see it here, just wait, since we get the feeling that along with the San Diego Sockers video, it's going to be today's strain of comedic internet herpes.