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The Hayley Lafontaine Story ended up in the oddest of places: the lap of Lurch, one of the Sports Junkies, a sports talk show on WJFK in Washington, D.C. It enters the picture during their run through the morning's stories, and they read as much of it as is acceptable under FCC rules before callers and a few of the crew begin to suspect they've stumbled into an "enhanced" story...which, of course, they have.

The audio's posted below, lovingly assembled by Holly from Ladies...If this isn't empirical proof that talk radio makes you a dumber person, we don't know what would do it for you, Flat-Earther.

MP3 File

P.S. We do sympathize with them, as we almost pulled the trigger on a story from the Piedmont Gazette last week before it dawned on us that preventing anyone with a 0.08 BAC or higher on gameday in Tuscaloosa would effectively leave the Crimson Tide playing to empty bleachers, discarded shakers, and one prissy teetotalling asshole named Elmer. A last minute fact-check saved us from our mandatory glaring error of the day, proving once again that Caffeine's a hell of a drug.