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Due to the general state of holiday disorder surrounding the EDSBS workspace right now, we've neglected to update le Cup this week. Corrected in short order, with notes, observations, and further bloviating and notes following.

HT, as always: Brian.

Tennessee cracks into the big board due to popular demand and the cold hard fact of walk-on Justin Jackson's arrest. By the way, the fact that he's a walk-on has been mentioned in every single story, something that mystifies us. Why tout that he's a walk-on? Do you want to advertise that these are the type of people that just gravitate to your team, rather than come by invitation? Both are bad, admittedly: Gainesville's red-eyed public firearms technicians come there at the behest of the uni. But still...

Illinois is looking damn near unapproachable at this point thanks to a burglary ring arrest of two now-former players who were given boatloads of counts. Unless Anthony Morelli throws a wayward pass in practice through the windshield of an armored car, which then flips and spills thousands in cash across the practice field, which then causes Penn State players to grab the wind-strewn cash in fistfuls and run, we're not seeing any real competition here. Illinois is Lance Armstrong, riding a fresh EPO buzz up the Alpe d'Huez; everyone else is just some Euroninny rider calling their support car for more doped blood and chardonnay fifty meters back.