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We couldn't help but snicker when Aerobab, longtime reader and listener to EDSBS live, wrote this in the comments below the Hendrix anthem:

I sincerly hope that in the gates of Heaven, Francis Scott Key kicks Jimmi in the Jimmy every fuckin time this blasphemous rendition is played here on Earth.

Oh, you want anthem blasphemy, we've got it, motherfucker. But first some overdue linkwhoring.

--Reader AtomicDog informs us that Mike Hunt, Ole Miss Miss State recruit, may not have crushed the ACT into limp submission like Mike Hunt should have, and will therefore be ineligible for school in the fall. Mike Hunt really needs a good, firm drilling in class here, and a fair one, too, unless you want the NCAA nailing Mike Hunt hard along with Ole Miss Miss State for bending the rules just to get the chance to play with Mike Hunt. Because Mike Hunt is just that special.

Mike Hunt: needs your help.

Please, let him make the grade. Four years of this would complete us as a human being.

--The Wannstache understands his popularity is tied directly to his mustache, and admits as much publicly, even citing the source of his mustache-generating desire: Charles Bronson.

--Darren McFadden wears dresses. We'd let him wear a negligee and pumps if he wanted to as long as he kept running, though that might draw salacious text messages from Houston Nutt. We have a Vera Wang number in mind for the Heisman ceremony, actually, a lovely candlelight off-the-shoulder thing. It can't possibly look gayer than this.

--Last year, it was former Marine Cam Brewer. This year it's former Ranger and Iraq/Afghanistan vet Derek Baldry who gets a shot at making Florida's roster as a walk-on, despite not playing football in high school.

--Help give John Smeaton ONE HUNDRED COCKTAILS plus nine hundred more for good measure for literally kicking terrorist ass. DC Trojan has more on a real Scottish hero...

--A Tulane grad stumps shamelessly for Georgia votes by inveighing against an attempt to sell Florida Gator tags in Georgia.

A Gator tag will cause accidents. Gator fans cannot drive or read traffic signs. A car up on blocks cannot move.

OHHHHHH A/V CLUB QUALITY BURRRRRRN!!! from a legislator partially responsible for the state with some of the worst graduation rates in the nation who went to motherfucking Tulane. Florida at least graduates fifty-five percent of its incoming ninth-graders...scoreboard, bitches, scoreboard!

--Ragin Cajun Rebel once headbutted Jack Del Rio. No, really, he did, and if you don't read about it, you're cheating God by wasting their gift of eyes on you.

And now, ultimate anthem blasphemy, including Bobby Vinton's vivisection of the anthem during the 1990 NLCS.

The last guy may not hit the note, but at least he owns it like he bought it in cash.