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Urban Meyer finds suspensions very harsh, usually. That's what we're fond of typing, anyway, since there's been nary a peep out of Herr Meyer since the Ronnie Wilson AK-47 firing incident in downtown Gainesville, or since Brandon James was implicated in a reverse sting operation involving the purchase of weed from a Gainesville police officer and participated in an FnDC incident earlier this year, bringing drama and bustin' snitches like Terry Tate on a rampage through the cubicles.

Meyer has finally addressed both, according to Pat Dooley of the Gainesville Sun. (HT: The Sporting Orange.) Wilson will receive a year's suspension from the program, missing the 2007 season entirely, a firm but not final punishment made possible by the reduction of the charge in the case to a misdemeanor. (Viva la Liberal Gun Laws in Florida!) This suspension does not preclude the possibility of Wilson rejoining the team, the little extra wrinkle typical of most of Meyer's disciplinary decisions: there's almost always a chance for redemption or sliding, depending on your interpretation of things.

(He discharged an AK-47 in downtown Gainesville like he was at an Iraqi wedding. We lean toward "sliding.")

James' punishment seems closer to appropriate: the obligatory one game suspension against the mighty Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky is expected, but James may lose his scholarship for the semester, a nasty piece of discipline as any former student who's considered donating plasma for money can attest. (Advantages: post aphoresis, you can get positively housed off one beer.)

Meyer refused to comment, but we're guessing if he were to respond, he'd suggest the punishments were "harsh." They are also a start in the right direction. [/Economist snappy ending sentence voice.]