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How long this took to rig up, we'll never know. All we can say for certain is that we've never been more simultaneously sickened and impressed at the same time--or at least as much as we've been since we saw Meet the Feebles for the first time. (You ever care to see a muppet walrus fuck a muppet cat? Or watch a Kermit the Frog lookalike shoot up? Yes? Then Netflix is ready when you are.)

Anyway, we present (via Paul Westerdawg) the fully choreographed Buck Belue to Lindsay Scott play, the most clearly historical instance of the Gator defense's inability to defend the slant, no matter the year. The scene syncs perfectly with the Larry Munson call, which is included.

As bad as it was for Florida, an announcer admitting that he broke a chair during a call is still more evidence of Larry Munson being run-flat gangsta awesome. How the person who rigged this whole thing up so cleverly without figuring out video transfer, though, escapes us, since that's something we've figured out, and we've got the HTML skillz of a lobotomized marmot.