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Last year in the early, gawky adolescent stages of the Fulmer Cup, the D-1AA Delaware Blue Hens scored an ineligible but still spectacular Fulmer Cup coup by invading someone's home and stealing, among other things, the home dweller's steroids. (Bad form, we say! A man's steroids are his castle!)

This year's D-1AA upstart in the Cup of Shame: Samford University, the small Alabama school that spawned the coaching careers of Bowdens Bobby and Terry. The contestant: Michael Sherrod Hall, starting defensive end, who clearly thought his sweatshirt of invisibility was cloaking his true identity when he sauntered into an AmSouth bank in Inverness, Alabama, pointed a gun at a teller, and asked her for a non-tax-deductible donation to his college fund.

Ahm in ur bank, steeelin' ur cheez.

Moore's exceedingly well thought out plan came to an abrupt end in Douglas County, Georgia, where police found $18,000 in cash in the car after they arrested Moore. Samford coach Pat Sullivan has suspended Moore from the team, a punishment Urban Meyer called "harsh."

Were we assigning actual Fulmer Cup points to the incident, Samford would ascend onto the big board with elan for seven points or so: four for the armed robbery, two for interstate flight, and one bonus imbecile point for his sweatshirt of invisibility.