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As a breather from accusing the New York Yankees of being marginal partners in genocide, we bring you Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma wide receiver, goin' freestyle after the Sooners' Big 12 Championship win over Nebraska.

We'd talk some more, but we gotta sip some codeine 'cause we gotta kill a cough. (Purple Drank, lawya. Nothin' less.) Take the mic, Malcolm.

Let us say that Kelly's not bad--he's got that rubber-mouthed Dirty South, UGK thing going for him in the rhymes department. And it's hard not to like the "'Coz I'm a playa, from the Himalaya" line, especially because he might be insinuating that his true identity is that of the Yeti, which is VHT, indeed.

Too bad dope rhymez don't get you past Boise State. BURRRRRRRN SSSSSS!!! He could blame too much purple drank, however; it worked for DJ Screw, after all.