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Late Friday, With Leather posted these pics of Blake Mitchell, noted eccentric and South Carolina quarterback, sweating like a meth-head running wind sprints in the Kalahari at a wedding of some sort.

Blake Mitchell, dancing, sweaty fool.

This immediately went straight to the Department of Gloriously Stupid Ideas in our head, so we contacted someone who might actually make the video. The conversation went something like this:

Orson: Joel, can you make Blake Mitchell dance?
Joel: Yeah. It'll look like JibJab, but yeah, I can do that.
Orson: That's awesome. Why don't you get started on that great idea I just had? Like, now?
Joel: Um, sure.

And so a classic was born. Frankly, we deserve no credit on this one, since we merely told a Tennessean with a rudimentary working knowledge of Flash the idea, and he ran with the rest. And if you haven't seen Graceland, the story of Mary the Murderous Elephant and Her Unfortunate Hanging, or seen a Nashville-area Golden Corral at 5:30 p.m. on a Sunday, you'll have to understand that things get out of hand and get out of hand fast in the Volunteer State once the enthusiasm kicks in for a bit.

We now present Blake Mitchell, who contrary to the soundtrack, feels like dancin', dancin'. For those of you who have the Youtubes blocked at work, try Joel's embedded Flash file after the jump.